Peck Hadfield is a leading provider of mediation services in northern Utah, especially Cache and Box Elder Counties. We mediate all types of civil disputes, applying experience gained in his decades of litigating a broad range of disputes in state and federal courts. Our mediation practice emphasizes family law matters, including divorce, child custody, co-parenting, parent-time visitation and paternity disputes. We take a facilitative-mediation approach designed to help the parties (and their attorneys) craft a unique solution that will work best for the parties and their children . . . and provide a foundation for effective future communications between the parties. State-of-the-art social science research clearly indicates that children of parents who effectively resolve their divorce issues in mediation and are able to maintain good post-divorce communication skills, as a group, emerge from the divorce much better adjusted than children of parents who slugged it out in court. Moreover, mediation can save parties significant amounts of money in resolving their legal disputes.