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The attorneys at PHBM did not just study agriculture for the law - they grew up in it.

From families deeply entrenched in the farming culture of Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah, our attorneys grew up docking sheep, doctoring calves, milking cows, stacking hay, installing pipe, harvesting, hauling, and everything in between.  We understand that your property and your agriculture aren't just where you live, it's your history and your livelihood.  And it's a livelihood you may have had to fight very hard to keep.

Our law firm will fight not just for you, but for the future generations that will inherit that livelihood.  We're ready to help you prepare the contracts, negotiate the resolutions, and close the deals that will keep your family farming and ranching for years to come.

Because we understand the particular challenges associated with a business that depends on natural resources, urban growth, and fluctuating prices, our law firm is prepared to help you with all legal aspects of you operation.

Outstanding results

We have a record of helping clients across agriculture resolve their issues efficiently and effectively.  Brandon Baxter and Shaun Peck went all the way to the Utah Supreme Court to protect a local farm family's right to limit public access to their property and protect both their livestock and the native wildlife that thrive on the property.

Shaun Peck assisted one Utah family farm in fighting for their long-established property right to keep cattle in their backyard.  The case went to trial without a jury and Shaun successfully argued that, due to the continuous presence of cattle on the property since the 1970's, the family should be grandfathered under the original zoning laws.

Our firm has also helped win a federal jury verdict in favor of a client - a swine farmer - who had a dispute with a national supplier.

Knowledgeable Attorneys

We understand the intricacies of natural resource rights, and have defended local irrigation companies and irrigation systems from unreasonable development.  We have also established conservation easements to protect agricultural lands.

Because we are well versed in regulatory programs and stay up to date on recent legal developments, legislative initiatives and other general news, our knowledge of agricultural business is a fantastic resource for our clients.

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Whether your agricultural operation is big or small, we can provide you with the expert legal advice and representation that you need in order to thrive.  Call our experienced attorneys at (435) 787-9700, or contact us online.


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