Car Accident Injuries

Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho Auto Accident Injuries

Level the Playing Field with an experienced car accident attorney

Auto accidents injure and disable 2.35 million people each year in the US alone, with a cost that reaches over $230.6 billion annually.

The effects of a car accident on your family can range from a minor inconvenience to a terrifying ordeal; but it is always hard to remain grateful that damages weren’t worse when you begin tallying up the long-term medical and financial repercussions of any collision. It can be difficult to find the time to gather police reports, witness statements, medical records, bills, and lost wage information – all important when filing a claim.

By standing up for your right to compensation, you’re not only helping yourself, but preventing others from enduring an unnecessary hardship. Your story deserves to be heard, and our attorneys are dedicated to helping you recover both physically and financially. Our attorneys will speak with medical and rehabilitation experts to best understand your needs; both for now, and to ensure that you are properly provided for to protect against any ongoing consequences and financial repercussions from your injury into the future.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, your chances of receiving a settlement that is substantial enough to cover your medical costs, property damages, and lost wages, is greatly improved with the knowledge and assistance of an auto accident attorney

Helping Auto Accident Victims

Having an experienced auto accident attorney relieves the impending pressures of fighting for a settlement, while trying to resume your normal life. Peck Hadfield have the experience and resources to represent car accident victims successfully, achieving a settlement that ensures you don’t continue to feel the negative repercussions.

Attorney Brandon Baxter recently represented Justin, a happily married father of two active, pre-teen girls. Justin’s life was altered by a violent auto accident, when a car driving in the opposite direction momentarily passed over the center divider of a highway.

The head-on collision with Justin pushed his vehicle into a passing truck and trailer. When all cars had come to a halt, Justin required a life flight and extensive ICU treatment. He survived, despite the loss of a leg and ongoing therapy – both of which exhausted his family’s savings.

It was Baxter’s successful representation that helped Justin’s family restore a sense of normalcy to their lives, with a substantial settlement that ensures his physical disability won’t impede the health of his family’s future. Justin’s family has moved past the accident, spending time together as he coaches his daughter’s soccer team.

Don’t Ignore the Lack of Bumps and Bruises

You might feel fine, having possibly escaped an auto accident without any immediately apparent injuries. But an adrenaline rush could be hiding any signs or soreness that would indicate possible medical trouble down the road.

Make sure you pay attention to headaches, dizziness, stiff neck and shoulders, and even poor concentration or memory. It’s easy to write off the symptoms of a concussion or whiplash as the effects of stress when coping with filing a claim, making it less likely you’ll seek medical attention. Remember it’s important to be examined early on so any injuries associated with your car accident can be recorded.

Speak with an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

We know if you’ve suffered a serious injury from a car accident, there’s a lot of questions that come up regarding how to best proceed, such as providing a written statement, or understanding how your settlement will be determined.

Our car accident attorneys will help you organize and file a suit within the statute of limitations for car accidents in Idaho, Utah, or Wyoming, making sure the insurance company compensates your physical, emotional, and economic loss.

Call us today at (453) 787- 9700 or contact us online, to speak with an attorney who will answer any of your questions regarding how we can be of assistance with your auto accident recovery.


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