Bicycle Accidents

Protecting the Rights of Injured Bicyclists

Whether you’re an urban cyclist or a casual rider, all bicyclists face an increased risk of accidents and injury when they are forced to share the road with large trucks and speeding automobiles.

Bicyclists must always be alert to their surroundings by looking out for road debris, traffic, and other hazards. But not even the most cautious cyclist can prevent an accident caused by negligent driving.

Bicycle accident injuries affect more than 500,000 cyclists each year in the US alone, according to a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). With accident rates per each mile travelled more than 26 to 48 times higher for a cyclist than for an automobile, even careful cyclists should be aware of their rights on the road.

Don’t Get Blamed for Your Accident

Drivers involved in a bike-car accident will often accuse cyclists of being the cause; however, an analysis of bike accidents in major US cities shows that this isn’t the case. The most commonly reported reason for car-bicycle crashes is when motorists enter a controlled stop or red-light intersection, and either fail to stop properly, or proceed before it is safe to do so.

The study revealed that a close second in common causes of bicycle accidents occurs when a car unsafely attempts to overtake a cyclist on a narrow roadway, and the third being when a car door is opened into an oncoming cyclist’s path.

If you’ve been hit by a negligent driver, don’t let them deny liability just because they have a large insurance company on their side. Statistics of traffic accidents are in your favor, and a powerful litigation attorney won’t let any liable parties get away with responsibility for your injuries.

At Peck Hadfield, we know the vehicle codes and local traffic laws to handle every type of bicycle case in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho. Our attorneys will aggressively pursue compensation for any injuries that you have suffered as a result of negligent motorists and can protect you from further suffering, by getting you the help you deserve.

Don’t allow motorists to remain ignorant of the laws that protect cyclists. Our attorneys will advocate on your behalf if you have been injured by a driver:

  • Failing to check their blind spot before switching lanes
  • Making a right turn directly in front of you
  • Sideswiping you while you’re traveling on the shoulder
  • Opening a door in front of you
  • Failing to stop at a stop sign
  • Otherwise proceeding in a way that endangers the safety of cyclists

You need an attorney who understands your rights as a bicyclist. We take pride in representing bicycle accident injury victims and/or their families, and doing our part to make the streets safer for those who enjoy cycling.

Our main office is located in Utah, and we represent victims of a bicycle accidents in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. If you’ve been injured, please call us at (435) 787-9700 or contact us online to speak with an attorney about your accident.


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