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Your local government agencies who oversee bus systems, light rail or commuter train lines have a responsibility to protect riders by operating safely, assisting elderly and disabled passengers, ensuring equipment is in excellent condition, and maintaining the proper schedule.

If you ride public transit, you have the right to assume your driver or operator will not put you at risk for injury and, when appropriate, will take measures to protect riders from unsafe conditions.

As with other forms of transportation, buses, trains, and light rail are vulnerable to both accidents and operator error, and are held to a higher standard due to the vast number of people affected, should something go wrong. Each day millions of people in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho depend on these public transit lines for a safe commute:

  • CVTD’s Cache Valley Paratransit
  • Utah Transit’s TRAX Light Rail system
  • Utah’s Frontrunner Commuter rail
  • Salt Lake’s MAX or 3500 South Max lines
  • UTA S line
  • Pocatello’s PRT buses or commuter lines
  • Cheyenne’s CTP

While public transportation may be an efficient and simple way to navigate your city, there are roughly 63,000 bus-related accidents alone in a year. That doesn’t take into account accidents and injuries caused by:

  • slippery floors
  • unruly passengers
  • overcrowded vehicles
  • rides with sudden stops and starts
  • a lack of assistance for disabled or elderly passengers
  • a safe place to exit

At Peck Hadfield, we advocate on behalf of injured passengers of Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho’s public transit systems. We have helped many clients earn favorable settlements to overcome the damages of injury and medical costs, and make the fullest recovery possible.

For those attempting to seek compensation for an injury due to public transportation, navigating the appropriate channels of bureaucracy is overwhelming. Clients report countless frustrations due to the large number of government agencies who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of these enterprises. Filing your claim is often prolonged or extended due to the number of victims and responsible parties.

The inefficient timeline often forces injured parties to pay out of pocket for medical treatment, and endure the ongoing stress of bills waiting to be paid and wages that may be lost or depleted, depending on the severity of injuries.

Our attorneys offer years of experience to handle your claim efficiently. At Peck Hadfield, we can help you make an informed decision about your accident claim. Serving clients in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho, we are familiar with local regulations and the most effective method of recovering damages for your injuries.

We care about your comfort and can ease the stress you’re facing by ensuring a smooth process. Our lawyers know how to expedite your claim, provide evidence of faults, and maintaining pressure on the issue so that you are provided compensation in a timely manner.

Learn more about your rights by talking with an attorney at Peck Hadfield. To arrange a consultation with an attorney, please call us at (435) 787-9700 or contact us online.


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