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One of the best pieces of advice we can give is to reduce every agreement to writing. A large percentage of disputes and litigation could be solved quickly and efficiently if the underlying agreement had been reduced to writing, with each party clearly understanding the expectations.

The flip side of that coin is to avoid signing something that you don't fully understand. Once you've signed an agreement, it's too late to start considering the consequences.

We can help you protect your interests by drafting and reviewing written contracts to ensure you know exactly what is required of the parties.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance isn't just for big corporations - it's actually not just for corporations at all. If you own a privately-held corporation or limited liability company, you owe certain duties to the other shareholders/members of the company. The first step is to define the rights and responsibilities of the people involved in the business by drafting Bylaws, or an Operating Agreement.  The second step is understanding what those documents allow in different situations and circumstances. Failure to properly draft and follow the company's governing documents could lead to lengthy and costly disputes and litigation.

Labor & employment

The sooner you involve a knowledgeable attorney in your employment matters, the more protected you'll be against future issues. Anywhere from employment agreements, to non-compete agreements, to intellectual property protection, to issues surrounding termination and resignation, we can help ensure that you're company is prepared for any issue that arises with your employment force.

Business purchases

The purchase and sale of privately held companies is fraught with potential legal issues. Our business attorneys have a wealth of experience helping clients purchase and sell companies. If you're considering purchasing or selling a company, we can help ensure that you are protected.

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