Insurance Disputes & Bad Faith

Insurance Acting in Bad Faith? Find an Experienced Attorney To Help

In the event that you are injured, or experience lost or damaged property due to an accident, theft, flood, fire, or even vandalism, you turn to your insurance company for coverage and to help mitigate any additional damages, by sending payment in a timely manner.

If you find that your insurance is failing to uphold the benefits of your policy, they may be acting in bad faith, defined as any of the following:

  • Failure to investigate or settle your insurance claim in a timely manner
  • Failure to translate your insurance policy correctly
  • Failure to reimburse you up to your policy’s limits
  • Failure to pay you in a timely manner
  • Denial of your claim, without communicating a good reason
  • Failure to uphold any of your other benefits, as outlined in your individual policy

At Peck Hadfield, our attorneys have previously represented big insurance companies. Matthew Lorz, Brandon Baxter, and Shaun Peck all offer inside experience, for a greater understanding of how insurance companies attempt to lowball their insured. Their unique insight gives our firm a leg up in offering competent, knowledgeable representation that fights for your proper settlement.

Don’t let your insurance company get away with acting in bad faith, causing your losses to compound as expenses pile up. Our attorneys have overcome multiple instances of bad faith pertaining to life insurance, medical insurance, home or business insurance, and are committed to seeing you awarded a settlement that offers full compensation for any additional costs that you’ve incurred.

Our Lawyers are Adept at Facing-Off With Insurance Companies

Your insurance company receives thousands of claims on a daily basis, many of which end up delayed or denied. That most of those denials remain uncontested, saves your insurance company millions of dollars in claims each year.

This runaround is more than a stress and inconvenience, it’s illegal. If you feel your insurance company is acting in an unfair or unreasonable way, violating the benefits outlined in your contract, find a qualified insurance attorney immediately.

Our attorneys are experienced in insurance disputes, and will increase your settlement to receive punitive damages that cover the costs you have incurred, in addition to the amount you are rightfully owed.

If your insurance company refuses to negotiate, our inside knowledge of the methods insurance company’s use is equally useful at trial. Attorney Shaun Peck was recently granted a motion in favor of his client in a District of Utah court. The motion prevented an American Family Insurance Company expert in biomechanics from inappropriately giving testimony regarding the cause of injury in a low-speed collision, an attempt on behalf of the insurance company to further eschew their responsibility to Peck’s client.

Steps To Ensure Recovery of Your Insurance Benefits

It’s important to keep notes and records of all your conversations with an insurance company representative, when reviewing your claim. Additionally, collect any notifications you’ve received, either by electronic or physical mail. If you feel your claim has been denied in error or bad faith, request that a supervisor review the decision before taking further action.

Don’t let your insurance company deflect blame or offer you a lower settlement than you deserve. If your insurer refuses to reverse an unfair decision, our attorneys will help you regain control of your claim. We are passionate about offering assistance to those who have been cheated, hurt, or wronged by illegal insurance actions.

Our Utah-based law firm represents individuals in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming facing insurance disputes in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Please call us at (435) 787-9700 or contact us online to speak with an attorney.


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