Cache County jury returns $422,711.40 verdict for injured Logan woman

At the conclusion of a 2-day trial in the First District Court in Logan, Utah, a Cache County jury returned a verdict finding that Linda Pierson suffered $422,711.40 in damages when she fell after slipping on a wet floor at the Deseret Industries Thrift Store in Logan. Evidence produced at the trial demonstrated that a DI employee had wet-mopped an area near the entrance to the store, then left the wet floor without placing any signs or other markings indicating that the floor was wet and hazardous. Ms. Pierson, who was the first person to cross the wet floor, could not see that the shiny floor was wet and fell, causing serious bodily injuries that have greatly diminished the quality of her life. The total judgment of $452,988.56 was paid by the defendant. Ms. Pierson was represented at trial by Peck Hadfield firm members Bretton K. Hadfield and Matthew David Lorz.

Michael Jewell