Kranendonk v. Gregory & Swapp, PLLC

The Utah Court of Appeals its decision in Kranendonk v. Gregory & Swapp, PLLC ( Case No. 20120660) reversing the trial court’s dismissal on summary judgment and remanding for trial Ogden resident Jodi Kranendonk’s claims of legal malpractice and fraud against her former attorneys, Gregory & Swapp, PLLC d/b/a Craig Swapp & Associates in Salt Lake City, Utah and Spokane, Washington. This case is set for a jury trial in early 2015 on these and other claims in the Third District Court in Salt Lake City. Peck Hadfield partner Brandon J. Baxter and associate Matthew David Lorz represented Jodi Kranendonk on appeal; partners Shaun L. Peck and Brandon Baxter will try the case in 2015.

 Update: On March 10, 2015, a Salt Lake County jury returned a verdict finding that Jodi Kranendonk suffered $3.5 million in damages as a result of her former attorneys’ legal malpractice and other violations. That verdict is now a $4.684,644.40 judgment on appeal before the Utah Supreme Court.

Michael Jewell