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When you’re buying or selling real estate, someone else’s problems can quickly become your own. And unless you buy and sell often, you may be unprepared for the unique risks inherent in real estate transactions: state laws that could throw you for a loop, an improperly completed contract that may cost you thousands, even undisclosed information or registration requirements that could lead to trouble later on.

Allowing a real estate attorney to review your contract and assist you with the process is smart business sense: an experienced lawyer will help protect your interests, and make sure that your real estate transaction adheres to local and state laws.

If You’re Buying

We offer real estate law services that look closely at transactions before you’re committed- and before it’s too late. Unlike a real estate agent, our payment isn’t dependent on whether a purchase is made, so we’ll never advise you to buy or sell when it’s not in your best interest.

If you’re buying real estate in Wyoming, Utah, or Idaho, we’ll help advise you on local protocol. While a local real estate agent might be fine through closing, a professional real estate attorney can assist with the nuances that could be beyond their scope of knowledge, including if:

  • You’re an out of town buyer
  • You’re buying short sale property, or it is bank owned
  • You’re buying property that has had unreported or illegal additions
  • The property is in a problematic area that is prone to enviromental issues

If You’re Selling

With seller disclosure statements, long form agreements, and a range of environmental concerns, selling your home has become mysterious, complicated, and ripe with the possibility of being found liable.

Additionally, if you find yourself selling property with an uncooperative partner, there are judgments or liens in your background, or the property itself has complications, our real estate lawyers provide experience and knowledge to ensure your transaction moves smoothly, and you will be unencumbered in the minimal time, to move onto your next venture.

When Real Estate Transactions Require an Attorney

If you are already involved in a real estate transaction that hasn’t gone as expected, we can help you navigate your options and stand up for your rights.

Our law firm has a solid history of successfully representing clients in real estate contract disputes, disputes over easements, and boundary line issues:

  • Recently, we have received a favorable judgment to uphold our client’s contract to purchase acreage for a residential development, after the property owner attempted to renegotiate a signed contract. We represented our client as the case was tried without jury, and were able to uphold the enforcement of the original agreement, plus win damages for associated costs.
  • Shaun L Peck has also won a notable victory for a client whose right to continue using their property to keep cattle was contested by the county. We provided evidence that our client’s rights were in fact grandfathered from the 1970’s, due to the continual presence of cattle, and that their land usage was not contrary to any local laws.

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We understand the importance of your property sales, purchases, or usage. Our work helps ensure that your rights are protected, and any future trouble is avoided. Allow us to offer you peace of mind in your next real estate transaction, or to assist with any disputes.

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