Truck Accidents

Experience Matters in Big-Rig Semi Truck Accidents

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, don’t risk settling for less than fair compensation by using the services of an attorney whose experience is limited to car accidents.

Trucking accidents are high-impact collisions that result in more devastation and long-lasting injuries than average auto accidents. Because of the severity of your injuries and the multiple parties who can be held liable, you claim deserves to be handled by an experienced law firm with a thorough understanding of commercial vehicle codes. Their knowledge of high impact accidents will play a vital role in ensuring you receive the coverage and treatment you deserve.

The size and weight of commercial trucks may cause severe, life-changing injuries no matter how safely you were driving: head trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, laceration, and even death. The cost of treatment can exhaust your insurance coverage quickly, and you may be left unable to return to work or function normally through daily life.

Our attorneys won’t let your quality of life diminish, due to delayed treatment because the responsible parties deny liability. At Peck Hadfield, we’re dedicated to helping those injured in commercial trucking accidents. We’ve successfully reached settlements that both get treatment quickly, and ensure lasting medical care for any long-term impact the accident may have caused.

Our attorney Brandon Baxter successfully obtained a settlement that provides full care and coverage for a client who had endured severe injuries when a truck driver t-boned his car. The commercial driver was found to be impaired due to medication, and further investigation showed their employer to be liable. The trucking company had been taking insufficient measures to monitor and control their commercial truck drivers, and their professional negligence was found to be partially responsible for the injuries our client incurred.

Further, attorney Bretton Hatfield has helped two children recover damages for the death of their father after he was struck and killed by a negligent truck driver.

Retaining an Experienced Truck Injury Accident Law Firm

If you’ve experienced injury or loss due to a commercial trucking accident, rest assured that contacting a knowledgeable attorney right away can make a difference in your claim.

Your settlement may depend on proving the driver’s negligence, and our experienced accident attorneys know the most effective ways to establish if the accident was caused by:

  • The truck driver’s lack of experience
  • A truck that was overloaded
  • An oversized truck that was wrongfully driven on a narrow road
  • The truck driver’s failure to see other vehicles due to a large blind spot
  • Failure to obey the law or stop at required weigh stations
  • The possibility of exhaustion, due to the truck driver not taking required breaks

Don’t allow Insurance Companies to Deny or Delay Your Settlement.

We serve all of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, and know the local laws that may make a difference to help you establish liability for other parties. We’ll investigate, take witness statements, evaluate the scene of the accident, and the vehicles involved. We’ll also work with authorities to make sure you’re covered.

If you have been in an accident involving a big-rig semi-truck, you have a limited amount of time to file and bring claims against another party. Let our law firm fight for your compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, including emotional distress.

Our Utah-based law firm represents truck accident victims in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Please call us at (435) 787-9700 or contact us online to speak with an attorney.


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